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About Kathy Little

Having dabbled in a myriad of creative outlets over the years, I've ultimately found my passion in creating jewelry in Sterling Silver and Copper with gemstones and beads. Here is my opportunity to share them with you. Many pieces are already made, however, I am happy to accommodate specialty, one of a kind pieces for individuals.

As a young girl I loved playing with my Mom's jewelry. Crafting and jewelry making of all sorts has always been a pleasure for me that I shared with my daughters as they were growing up. Crafting at our house brought all the girls and boys over.  

More recently, I took a class to meet new people when I moved to Ramsey, NJ, It is there that I learned my craft and fell in love with creating jewelry designs for myself, my daughters, family and friends and now I am sharing that love with all of you. 

Every piece is hand-crafted with love and attention to detail. I create jewelry to be worn everyday as well as future heirlooms, so please contact me with any questions/comments you may have or any inquiries about designing a custom creation!  

Here I am with my creations at Main Street Pops Artisan Event in Hoboken. Please check my FAQ Page for upcoming, local events!

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